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As you will see from what I wrote below back in 2006 to share with family and friends, it was placed in my heart long ago for the passing of my dog Bailey to be used for good. I hope my writing will touch your heart and that what happened surrounding his death will positively impact your life.

This writing is not grammatically correct or perfectly written. It has only been slightly altered when I had written the wrong word originally, as I wanted to give you the purity of the moment it was written in.

Bailey's story.

Bailey & Ashley have been in daycare for a few months now and he had a little cough and was only eating once a day instead of twice a day as he normally did. So, I took him into the vet, as I thought he might have a mild case of kennel cough, even though he had been vaccinated in the last 6 months. When he was not getting any better after a couple of days, I brought him back in and he got his lungs x-rayed. Cancer.

So, I took time off from work till he passed so I could spend as much time with him as possible. I prayed & fasted, laid hands-on Bailey and prayed over him for God to heal him & anointed him with oil & most importantly prayed for God's will to be done. I told God "I give you Bailey, he is in your hands… there is nothing that I can do it is all up to you Lord… he is yours now to do your will with". I did all I could do according to God's word in the Bible.

Thursday the 27th... Bailey didn't eat anything all day... and half way through the day he was only able to breathe by panting through his nose. We went to bed around 10:00 pm and he slept peacefully for about an hour... then he was up restless and panting to breathe. I put Ashley in the bathroom with her bed so that Bailey wouldn't be bothered by her own coughing issues and it could just be me, him and God. I was petting him and sleeping a little here and there... but for the most part I was up... around 3:00 am I totally got up and turned on some worship music and was singing to the Lord... all while petting Bailey. I then started praying again for God's will to be done... for him to heal Bailey now or take him home to Heaven. I told God that I didn't want Bailey to suffer, so if he was going to take him home, for him to just take his breath. I prayed these things for a while... God's will to be done, healing or him to go to Heaven. I was desperate to hear from God about this and told him "I need to hear from you! I need to know what to do or what you are going to do with Bailey, Lord!" I then opened my Bible and there on the top of the right side of the page, I read... Then David accepted from her hand what she had brought for him and then said, Go home in peace. I have heard your words and granted your request. (1st Samuel 25:35 NIV) God is so GOOD and so FAITHFUL! I was blown away by what I had read... God had accepted Bailey which I had presented him... that Bailey is going home in peace and that I can be at peace and that God had heard my words and granted my request... I went and grabbed Ashley so she could say goodbye... she came in and jumped up on the bed and sniffed him and then her hair rose up... I put her back in the bathroom and went in to my room again and laid on the bed right in front of Bailey's face and just continued to tell him how amazing he has been, how much I love him, how he can go home in peace and praising God all at the same time... he was just looking in my eyes and panting as I was talking to him and petting him... he then laid his head down on the comforter and his breath slowed and then shortly after that he flopped over onto his side and his breath went... I never stopped telling him how much I loved him and praising God...

I got that verse from God at 5:00 am and Bailey passed at 5:10 am.

Cancer or any disease for that matter is not of God... but ultimately God turns what the devil meant for bad into good. He could have healed Bailey but I guess the plan is for greater glory to be shown in his death. I know that God is going to use Bailey's death to do some amazing things in my life and in others. God is so powerful... he can put my hand in the exact spot for me to open a 2500-page bible to the exact page he has for me... he can take breath away in a moment.

Bailey was an amazing dog and brought me so much joy and love... I am so thankful that I had almost 9 years with him and he is now in a much better place enjoying Heaven. I can't wait to see him again when it is my time to go home and be with Jesus.

Thanks for reading Bailey's story.

Present-day comments: Ashley, Bailey's sister, passed away on June 12, 2011. Right after she had passed, at the vet, my fiancé at the time, now husband, saw a glimpse of Ashley being greeted by Bailey in Heaven. Bailey was jumping straight up and down out of excitement to see her. She was finally out of pain and now cancer free as well. My now husband never got to meet Bailey, so he knew nothing of how Bailey was, but that is precisely what he did when he was excited… he jumped straight up and down. I believe Heaven is not only for us but for our pets as well. Acts 16:31 says Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” My experience and the word of God affirm this to be true. Pets are part of our household.

It means a lot to me that you spent the time reading about these life experiences.

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Jenell Adair, Founder