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Care Instructions

Precious metals, especially sterling silver, can tarnish or be damaged over time when exposed to salty air, sulfur, chlorine, humidity, perspiration, bleach, and other chemicals. Removing your pet's precious metal item when they participate in the following activities is recommended, and storing it in the pouch provided or in a dry place.

  • during baths
  • swimming in pools 
  • swimming in the ocean and spending extensive time in the salty air

The activity restrictions were created with it in mind that your pet will not be exposed to chemicals, swimming in hot tubs or hot springs, or perspiring.

We recommend not having any additional tags behind our pet ID tag to minimize scratching. We recommend collars with buckle hardware that will not come in contact with our tag. In addition, pieces will wear based on your pet's activity level and the activities themselves.

Please also see the Guidance page on our website for more details on the wear that can be expected on our precious metal pet ID tags. 

Cleaning of item

Please use a metal-specific professional polishing cloth when your pet's item needs to be cleaned or polished. This will help remove scratches, tarnish, and dullness. When your pet is not wearing this piece, it can be stored in the pouch provided to help minimize tarnishing.

Polishing Instructions

Use the inner polishing cloth that has been treated on scratched areas, then follow with the outer cloth to shine. Treated cloths can cause micro scratches as they use abrasives to remove the scratches and dullness. Because of this, it is recommended to use the treated cloth only if the piece is scratched. Use the outer cloth if it is tarnished.

Please consult a professional jeweler if the piece needs more extensive polishing or cleaning