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Winston Nash desires to look at the over-pet population issue from a different angle; we want to see new solutions that have yet to be considered or implemented. We are looking to play a role in bringing solutions to root issues. I wish we knew what those issues and solutions are, we don't yet, but this is the road we are journeying down.


As you may have seen from our Giving page, we also have a heart for our military and the canines that have served. In this area, we have a current idea that we are pondering: it's to see legislative changes when it comes to military dogs. We believe they should also receive medical benefits like their fellow humans when they retire from the military.


A few of the non-profits we will be supporting care for retired military dogs. A considerable portion of the expense for these animals is veterinary bills. More of these animals could be helped by using more funds for non-medical needs. Our nation should be caring for ALL the medical needs of those that have served and were willing to lay down their lives to protect our country.


If you have something to add to our endeavor, please contact us at